We are specialized in Recruitment services, sourcing qualified professionals to large global corporations and new generation technology companies, enriching their human capital and enabling professionals and graduates to optimize their career choices.

We are a global provider of staffing and HR related services to Aerospace, Automotive, Banking and Financial services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Petro-chemical, Retail, Education, oil and gas, Offshore, Telecom, Healthcare, Engineering, Energy, Information Technology and Service, Legal, Shipping and Logistics sectors and other industries.

As part of our recruitment and management consultancy expertise, we offer the following services to our clients:


We are specialized in catering to the end-to-end requirements from clients across a wide range of industries, connecting employers with talented candidates. Our hiring managers will help you get to know your unique needs and ensure that your needs are fulfilled to your utmost satisfaction.

Our goal is to make the recruitment process as smooth as possible for you and your team. You will work one-on-one with ourteam member who will respond to your company’s specific hiring needs with tailored recruitment services.

We offer the following services:

  • Advertising job postings
  • Pre-screening candidates according to your needs
  • Connections to new talent
  • Recruitment, networking, and mentoring events
  • On-site job fairs
  • Ongoing support during onboarding process

Along with leveraging technology and reducing overall costs, our RPO services assist you to process large volume responses, manage selection of required personnel and manage the administrative details and logistics.

Our team with their domain expertise and experience is designed to increase efficiency and manage the business ends of your companies and thus deliver results at affordable costs, shorter turnaround time and desired quality. We offer comprehensive recruitment solutions at reasonable costs.


We specialize in the search and placement of executive leadership talents in key technology and niche areas, specialists in fields across a broad range of areas and sectors ranging from Oil exploration, Mining, Agriculture, Turbine Design, Investment Banking, Software and Textile Manufacturing.

We help organizations build superior leadership teams at board and top management level positions like Managing Director, President, CEOs, CFOs, Vice Presidents, Country Heads, and General Manager etc., in record time, to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

We have a dedicated team of recruitment consultants who have rich experience in various domains, wide network of contacts, and can understand the business and deliver solutions with utmost proficiency. This service is dedicated to the mid-level segment of the Engineering, Automobile and Infrastructure, IT, E-commerce, Consumer Products, Consumer Durables & FMCG, Retail, Garment Exports, Telecom, Printing and Packaging, Life Sciences, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare & Textiles, Realty & Shipyards Industries.


Do you have a hiring freeze that limits you from hiring more people? or Does a current project require some extra hands? or Are you in sudden need of a skilled workforce for your start up?

Along with achieving excellence in recruitment and placement services, we provide skilled manpower on contract for short and long durations, as per the requirements of our clients.Our contract staffing is designed to find you the right talent on a short term basis in large numbers to handle crunch requirements.

Our practices result in the achievement of a good assessment of the candidate before taking him on board while keeping the bench size low.

On request, or at the conclusion of the contract period, the deputed personnel are demobilized from the client sites. Clients, thus, experience the performance and contribution of deputed personnel while enjoying the flexibility and freedom to focus on their core business.


As a result of our extensive marketing and advertising network, our website receives frequent visits per day from potential candidates across the globe, and a vast number of telephone calls and emails from professionals / applicants. Our ability to generate vast number of leads is only matched by our ability to handle them all, and therefore we offer our clients two choices:

  • Branded campaigns
  • Non-Branded campaigns

Branded campaigns feature your company’s logo or corporate identity, and the responses can be dealt with by client’s internal resources, although many of our clients prefer us to screen the applicants on their behalf. Non branded campaigns are run under our own banner ensuring that we handle the responses generated.

In spite of the method preferred by the client, we are available to handle telephone and email responses, receive and sort resumes, and pre-interview candidates we feel may be appropriate for the position. All suitable resumes are sorted into three easy-to-handle groups:

  • Candidates most suited to your specifications
  • Candidates who could be developed for each position
  • Candidates not suitable for your current opening but who may be relevant for future use


Job descriptions are critical to ensuring employees meet required performance objectives while observing desired organizational dynamics.

Our experts help you create detailed job descriptions that are aligned with departmental and corporate objectives. We create job descriptions that include critical job responsibilities, tasks and required competency levels.

We are able to efficiently and effectively assess new job responsibilities and required competency levels and match right talents / professionals for open positions.